Advocating Workers' Rights

Steve's Track Record of Support and Active Participation

" Our unions have fought for aid to education, for better housing, for development of our national resources and for saving the family-sized farms.

They have spoken, not for narrow self-interest, but for the public interest and for the people."

John F. Kennedy, Aug. 30, 1960

Migrant Services Legal Aid Foundation
Miami, Florida

Steve Schiffman volunteered his time to support the rights of Florida's farm workers in their continuing struggle with the ultra-conservative Florida Farm Bureau's anti-union pratices.

Pacifica Foundation Radio
New York, New York

Steve Schiffman spent over 10 years as a volunteer with WBAI-fm, hosting call-in talk shows as well as producing programs relating to human rights, labor conditions, etc. Steve also frequently participated in WBAI's on-air marathon fundraising campaigns.

Afghanistan Artisan's Union Foundation
Kabul, Afghanistan

Steve assisted in the creation of an Afghanistan Artisan's union to protect their cultural/indigenous intellectual property rights from illegal market expoitation. See:

Actors Equity Association
Orlando, Florida

Member: Apprenticeshp in Orlando, Florida.